Winter Internship & In-Plant Training 2019
Certified 7 & 15 Days Internship & IPT

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What is this internship all about?

A first of a kind internship of ours intends to equip students with required industry skills both in their core areas and emerging technologies. Along with the training, we will provide exposure to students along with a nominal stipend to work under our product engineering team.

Is this a training program or stipend based internship?

It is both a training program and a stipend based internship. The training is recommended along with internship as for the student to get to know the basics and gain practical experience.

What’s the duration of training program and internship per day?

Training program will be a session of 2 hours a day. Internship will also be a session of 2 hours a day.

Is Barola Technologies a training company or a product development company?

Barola Technologies is a Research, development and a training company. The company has Research, Product development and training verticals. Our product development team works with many public and private sector industries on varied areas for product and solution development. Through our experience of working with industrial giants, we want to pass on the industry culture to students by exposing them to industry relevant training modules.

What are the industries Barola works with?

We give utmost importance to confidentiality and privacy when it comes to product development for a industry, as lot of patent related, copyright related ideas and concepts are shared. Hence, as per our company policy we do not disclose our industry clientele list on our website. We work with both public and private sector companies.

Which are the colleges Barola’s training vertical works with?

We are partners with over 13 universities and institutions pan India for Research, training and product and project development.  Some of our partner’s institutions are Lovely Professional University, Punjab, SSN University Chennai, University of Petroleum and energy studies, Dehradun, SRM, and Chennai. For complete details Click here 


If I get stipend why do I need to pay for the internship?

The fee the student pays is for the training, before assigning students under our product engineering team who work on advanced technologies, we will have to train the students the basics in order for them to understand the work and its flow. The training will be completely practical oriented for which student will be trained on our custom made tools, equipment’s and other standard tools and equipment. Students will only be paying for the training, during their time under our product engineering team, student will be paid a stipend based on their course modules and its specifications.


Why do I need to pay and attend training?

Since we work with serious industry on various developmental aspects we want the student to be equipped with basics before getting into the system of development with our team. We share our decade’s experience of product & solution development and also we share our hardware and software tools for the students to get trained on at no additional cost other than prescribed course fee. The training phase is mandatory in order for the student to get familiar with our systems and style of working.

Apart from my training how many days I’m eligible to intern?

The duration of stipend based internship depends upon the module the student has selected. For 7 days internship, 5 days will be training and 2 days will be stipend based internship. For 15 Days 10 days would be training and 5 days will be stipend based internship. For 30 days internship, 15 days will be training and another 15 days will be stipend based internship.

How much am I technically paying?

The student only pays for the training charges, for example when a student opts for 7 days internship the student pays for training charges for 5 days at our Research development and training facility. Barola pays the student for day 6 and 7.

 How much stipend do I get?

The stipend amount depends on the course module. 7 Days internship where 5 days are training (fee paid by student) and 2 days are stipend (Paid by Barola) based internship carries a fixed stipend of Rs 500. 15 Days internship where 10 days are training (fee paid by student) and 5 days are stipend (Paid by Barola) based internship carries a fixed stipend of Rs 1500. 30 Days internship where 15 days are training (Fee paid by student) and 15 days are stipend (Paid by Barola) based internship carries a fixed stipend of Rs 3000.

Why does Barola pay stipend?

We want to expose student to industry practices and industry based working skills, hence to provide firsthand experience we provide students with opportunity to work under our product development on a live industry project. Student will be given a segment of a project to work on and it will be monitored by our PE and quality assessment team.

What do I get upon completion?

Upon completion student will get a certificate of internship and a stipend as per the module they opted for. The certificate will add value to your CV during your higher education and career placements.

Will Barola provide assistance for placements?

No, Barola will not provide placement assistance. Barola Technologies is a product development and training company on emerging technologies and not a HR company.

Should you require any more clarifications or questions, kindly mail our student support team here